It appears that I am particularly fashionable. Finally! 😉  I am a part (granted, a small one) of the massive online presence that espouses the virtues on the wonderful world of food. 

In fact, “food” is a significant part of my social media channel. While I am not wont to post photos of food I am about to eat, I loved this infographic about those who are.   

One of my favorite foods in ramen noodles. As noted, not the 25¢ kind…but the yummy bowl filled with veggies and meats.  Interestingly, there are more blog articles written on it than any other social media.  I know that I have contributed to this statistic with my very own blog post on ramen!

Another noted food item in this infographic is the ubiquitous grilled cheese.  This blend of carbs and dairy is a favorite of many, including me!  And as you might expect, I’ve also written a blog post about one before myself.

Take a peek at this Microsoft illustration.  Are some of your favorite foods represented?