Celebrity Chef Stamps

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Recently, the United States Post Office released a new line of stamps celebrating chefs who have had an impact on the American food scene.

“These chefs expanded our collective palates and refined American kitchens, with many people across the nation tapping into the techniques and flavors that they introduced,” explained Susan McGowan, the USPS director for stamp services and corporate licensing. The selected chefs represent a wide array of cuisines reflecting the “melting pot” of American culture, McGowan shared.

One of the chef’s chosen was James Beard.  I exhibited my terra cibus fine art line at the James Beard Foundation House in New York City about two years ago, so I was especially pleased to see his recognition.  But the official reason for his selection was his passionate advocacy for local ingredients and markets.

In addition, the prolific and interesting Julie Child is being honored.  McGowen attributes her with demystifying French cuisine.

Joyce Chen was chosen because of her efforts in popularizing Chinese food in America. Chef Edna Lewis made the short list because she brought quintessential dishes—such as shrimp and grits and roast chicken—to the plates of trendy restaurants. And lastly, Felipe Rojas-Lombardi introduced the Spanish small-plate tapas concept to American restaurants.

Framed Art: In addition to stamps, the USPS is also selling a 13x13-inch framed commemoration with James Beard, Julie Child, Joyce Chen and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi.  The selvage design is intended to represent a white china plate resting on a fine linen tablecloth.

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You can order your own set of commemorative stamps here: https://store.usps.com/store/browse/uspsProductDetailMultiSkuDropDown.jsp?productId=S_472304