There’s an interesting marketing trend becoming a bit more mainstream in the food industry.  For years I’ve heard of “secret” menus, but the veil has been lifted from those left in the dark and restaurant secrets have been decoded.

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San Francisco co-founders of #HackTheMenu are constantly adding new items to the online list.  For instance, the iconic Whopper from Burger King actually has a vegetarian counterpart

I fancy myself somewhat of a Dairy Queen aficionado (yes, there’s an app for DQ locations finder), having visited locations world-wide, and I had no idea they had a secret menu!  Midnight Truffle blizzard, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow Crème Sundae…yes please!

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This idea of secret buzz seems to be a win-win for restaurants, as secret menus create a dialogue around a brand and foster free publicity.  Check out the site before ordering…maybe you’ll fall in love with Chipotle’s Quesarito!

Visit the founders’ website often at http://hackthemenu.com/.  They are constantly uploading new options!