An homage to butcher shops!

Ashton Kutcher’s Thrash Lab has created an homage to the craft of butchery, and has filmed three Bay Area butcher shops for “The Subculture of Butchers”. The video artistically highlights the revival of the butchery renaissance.

One butcher shop that I absolutely adore is called the Fatted Calf, also located in San Francisco, and it has the most divine beef jerky I have ever tasted.  While they were not mentioned in this video, it is an example of the new upswing in locally owned butchers.   Here are a few images of the ship and their products from my shoot:

Alpert_FattedCalf 4144
Alpert_FattedCalf 4153
Alpert_FattedCalf 4209
Alpert_FattedCalf 4215