Pantone names color of the year!

Pantone recently released it’s annual “color of the year”…and the color is Pantone 17-5641.  What is unusual about this year’s color is that for the first time in the 14 year history of naming colors, Pantone felt it necessary to give 17-5641 a real name: Emerald Green.


One wonders what necessitated the naming of the color…


terra cibus no. 3: celery leaf


terra cibus no. 33: pineapple leaf

For me, Pantone 17-5641 recalls the verdant and vivid colors found in two of my terra cibus photos, no. 3: celery leaf and no. 33: pineapple leaf. 

Since “green” is the new “it” movement…in art, in environmental issues…  I think Pantone was spot-in in choosing “green” as the color of the year!