Functional Chocolate?

There is a growing public captivation between food and art, and here’s an interesting twist on this: a lampshade made of chocolate!

Artist Alexander Lervik created a chocolate lamp, and unveiled it during Stockholm Design Week.  He was interested in exploring the idea of light, and darkness.  Ultimately he created a light that didn’t give out any light at all at first, until it started melting.  Then a beautiful (and tasty!) transformation occurs that is artistic, functional and a centerpiece for conversation.  And  best of all, after the climax of this conversion, there is chocolate formed from the mold to eat.  Art, function and chocolate?  Absolutely brilliant!  Read more about this incredible piece here.

Full lamp

The full lampshade, designed in pyramid form to follow the flow of melting chocolate.

Melting lamp

Partially melted chocolate lampshade with light bursting through.

Edible lamp

The final transformation.