Vending the Baguette

It’s a brand new world out there, when innovation and technology become more closely married and amazing things develop. Especially interesting is food at our fingertips, just like money and prepacked snacks. But there have been leaps and bounds with fresh foods, and we now now see cupcakes and pizza coming out of vending machines. And most recently, freshly baked baguettes!

©Stefanie Tuder SF Eater

The Parisian company Le Bread Xpress is the mastermind behind this innovation. There are currently about 100 machines in France, and has expanded to San Francisco’s The Myriad, a marketplace on 15th and Market here in my hometown. A second location will open in Stonestown Galleria soon.

For a mere $4.25, you can be part of the tech-friendly fresh food revolution next time you’re in northern California.

For more about the process, visit here.