Anatomy of a Chef

Chef Works, an apparel company, has put together a fun infographic on the Anatomy of a Chef. While most consumers may be preoccupied by the fare, you can check out what a chef is actually made of…from kitchen tools to cooking accessories to that signature chef’s toque. For instance, there are 5 different chef hats. In the most iconic of them, the toque, the height and pleats actually matter. The taller and more pleated is a status of experience and mastery. Regardless of personal preference, a kitchen can become hot and all take into account the sweat factor. 😊

The chef’s jacket is actually very well thought out. Cleaning, swapping out the front, and ventilation are all considered in the design. And on the wildly popular Iron Chef America, 7 out of 9 prefer the long sleeved version.

These days, many chefs (in SF and across the country) are losing the formality in exchange for more approachable fashions and shoes (like Mario Batali’s famous order of 200 pairs of orange Crocs), but for those who appreciate tradition, the outfit speaks highly.

You can read more on the tool of the trade, like knives, below. As well as some common appliances you may or may not have used yourself. And if you didn’t know there’s a hierarchy in the kitchen, you’ll definitely want to take a peek.