Summer Oranges

Now that summer has officially kicked into high gear, the light, sweet and tangy flavor of citrus is oh so refreshing. Due to El Nino, shoppers can get sticker shock over the high prices of produce, especially if you’re based in Florida.

But, this bright infographic by Tasty Catering out of Chicago has come up with some interesting and fun ways to extend the uses of oranges.

There are very few scents that smell more divine when cleaning than orange oil. Orange oil is a natural but powerful solvent. You can use the discarded orange peel directly to scrub your stove or sink, or infuse the peels in vinegar to spray thoroughly on your counters. To keep that light scent in your home longer, add your discarded peels, cinnamon sticks and cloves to water and boil on your stove.

To read more uses of orange peels, see the infographic below.