Science + Food+ Vodka?

Coming to you in a limited edition batch, literally made from San Francisco Fog, is a new beverage from my old friends at Hangar One (who I have photographed on several occasions). Bay Area residents are very passionate about sustainability and local production, and out of this devotion emerges…vodka: Fog Point vodka.

FogQuest, an organization known for collecting water made from fog for sustainability, helped them set up fog catchers—sheets that absorb the water as the fog floats through them. The drops are caught in a trough below, allowing them 2400 bottles of production. And, there is no one more devoted to incorporating local community of flavor profiles into his products than Lance himself!

So the $125 a bottle question: what does it taste like? Buy a bottle and give it a try. How often do you have the opportunity to literally consume a piece of California weather?

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