Ahhh, freshly brewed coffee. There’s nothing else quite like it to get the blood pumping. Turns out, it gets the brain pumping, too! has created this infographic on the benefits of drinking coffee medicinally. Researchers have concluded that a cup of coffee containing 200mg of caffeine can actually boost your memory. Only caveat, you drink your java just AFTER ingesting any information. Coffee doesn’t only taste good, but makes you smarter!

To boost your athletic performance, just drink your joe an hour before your activity or event. Caffeine improves endurance by using our fat as fuel. (Note to self…fat burner?) J This effect can last up to several hours.

It’s also no surprise that coffee is an energy booster and can increase creativity…well sorta. Although there is no evidence that caffeine can help a drinker become more creative, researchers have shown that the moderate noise level in a coffee shop enhances performance on creative tasks.

With the health benefits of coffee…like a lower risk from heart disease, stroke or diabetes, say goodbye to any lingering guilt from your morning addiction! (Note to self: does coffee ice cream count?)

Read even more fascinating information on your cuppa by clicking on the infographic.