Tucson: Creative City for Gastronomy

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches to be found in the nation, and it so happened to be from the town I call home…Tucson, AZ! I have lived and worked in some of the most metropolitan cities in the world. I have eaten in some restaurants that would make your taste buds weep in delight. And yet, one of my all time favorite restaurants is located on a small street on the south side of Tucson, called Mi Nidito. Their cheese crisp is to die for!

It appears that the word has gotten out, and the little slow-paced city in the high desert has gained some international recognition.

UNESCO, United Nations Education, Scientific and Educational Organization, has developed a Creative Cities Network. They announced the designation of 47 cities from 33 countries as new members of this network, and while I’m no longer but a frequent visitor to Tucson, I’m proud to announce that Tucson has been named a UNESCO city for Gastronomy! The secret is out!

In fact, the Smithsonian magazine took a look at the designation in an article titled “What Makes Tucson Deserving of the Title of the United States’ First Capital of Gastronomy.” Hint, it all starts with it’s deep and multicultural food history and morphs into its emphasis on sustainable ingredients, as exemplified by the cuisine of local chef Janos Wilder.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.20.15 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.20.15 AM

Photo © Tucson.com Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails: chef/owner Janos Wilder, a James Beard Award Winner

Known previously for its amazing hiking trails under unrelenting blue skies, world-renowned golf courses…and now, for what draws me back often, its food.

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