Hone Your Chops

S.B. Lattin Design takes a new approach to food education.  While most of the books and blogs focus on recipes, sometimes the techniques behind the artful presentation are omitted. While ingredients matter in the concoction of delicious and impressive meals, a solid knowledge of kitchen tools is also important. This month’s infographic gives readers a crash-course in knife anatomy, selection, and handling.

If you look at a block of knives and think they all cut, so what’s the difference?  Behold!  Below, nine different kinds of knives are presented…from paring to filleting.  If you want to slice a nice loaf of French bread, a long, serrated bread knife should be the correct choice.  But if peeling an apple is your chore—skip the long, serrated bread knife (and resulting sutures), and aim for the small, plain bladed paring knife.

There are also different techniques for chopping, from the claw or pinch grip to the locomotive chopping technique, your task dictates your form.

Print out this graphic and stick it next to your bamboo chopping board, and see how well your next onion can be diced!