Eat Your Noodles Day

In honor of today’s Eat Your Noodles Day, the infographic of the month is titled Noodle Types of Asia.

This design is meant to loosely resemble an Asia shrine, but with enough symmetry to keep the content organized and easily readable.

A nice touch in describing the various noodles is a detailed line for a quick health tip.  For instance, in soy noodles, it is noted they are low in carbohydrates.  Or that buckwheat noodles are rich in protein.

Additionally, a brilliant design feature is the noodle circumference is created to scale, with filled-in blocks denoting the cooking time.  A Chinese egg noodle takes about 15 minutes to cook, as opposed to a rice noodle which only takes about 5.

Lastly, the designer Kaycee Ng paired the noodle matcher at the top to help users find their ideal noodle dish…like a nice beef based Pho.

Beautiful, thoughtful design combined with lots of information.  Enjoy your noodles!