Takashi Sugimoto

Next month, Takashi Sugimoto, visionary, founder and president of the internationally renowned Tokyo-based design firm Super Potato will be visiting the Bay Area.

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Takashi Sugimoto of Super Potato Photo by Chin Mui Yoon/The Star

Sugimoto will be headlining a pre-conference discussion on design at the 17th Worlds of Flavor Conference at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, on April 22 in Napa Valley.  He is also offering a rare opportunity for conference attendees and the public to listen to his philosophy on balancing tradition and modernity. Super Potato is known for stunning, original design work in Singapore, Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Korea, Indonesia and beyond.

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Grand Hyatt Singapore             DAIICHI-ENGEI HONTEN             GOUBULI Restaurant Tokyo

Sugimoto is slated to discuss the importance of his choice in specific materials as a method of expressing nature in his projects.  This to create a unique energy with people/customers gathered in a certain space.  He is respected for focusing on geographic relevancy in that region for each project, rather than a traditional European design that can seem uniform in look.

During his discussion, he will show examples of his works—focusing on restaurants, bars, and hotels.  He will also speak to the creative decisions and challenges that come with his designs.  “The first thing I tell my students is design less,” Mr. Sugimoto says. “People over-design everything. Like food that has been over-flavored, it spoils what is good and natural about it.” (http://www.worldsofflavor.com/about/experience) The seminar will allow ample time for questions from the audience.

The event is free to registered attendees of the Worlds of Flavor conference and open to the public an all- inclusive price of $39.50. Register for Worlds of Flavor and the design session here. For the design presentation only, register here.