Bible of Barbeque

I have heard of uniquely interactive books through the years, although they are mostly for the scratch and sniff books of my childhood.  But now as an adult, here’s a very cool one just for those of us that enjoy grilling!

Brazilian Tramontina has taken the concept of interactive to a whole new level with their Bible of BBQ. Tramontina is a housewares company that specializes in kitchen appliances and cooking tools.  They want to prove to the world that they know BBQ.  This ingenious marketing piece is a book is actually made up of pages that are useful when cooking your meat.  For instance, the cover is a cutting board.


Bible of Barbeque

Other pages are made up of  coal, an apron, salt (!),  a serving tray, even aluminum foil for the quintessential BBQ  side dish…the baked potato.  This is truly a remarkable marketing tool that crosses over into functionality.  You can see all the pages here, or watch how they all work in this short video.

Currently, of the 50 books manufactured, Tramontina has given 30 books to selected chefs located in Brazil, and 20 to special clients.  However, they are in the process of creating 2000 more, which will be more simplified.  My first thought is “I want one!”.  I’ll keep you posted if I can get my hands on one!  You can follow them on Facebook here: