My Hometown Grilled Cheese

While I have lived in many places: New York, Orange County, and San Francisco….Tucson, AZ is the pueblo I call my hometown.  With deep connections to family and friends, I still travel back to this gem in the desert often.  While there are many things I love about Tucson…the endless blue skies, the bright yellow sun, the extraordinary hiking trails…I have found a new reason to book another trip back:


Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 8.48.26 AM

Stack of Grilled Cheese ($10) 47 Scott

47 Scott, a bistro named after their address in downtown Tucson, has just been ranked nationally by Esquire for it’s life-changing grilled cheese sandwich

Esquire’s “Eat Like a Man” contest describes the sandwich as a “leaning tower of gooeyness made using a trifecta of cheeses — yellow cheddar, fontina, and house-made mozzarella — pressed together between toasted sourdough bread kissed with garlic oil.”

Is it lunch time yet?

Go team, at 47 Scott!

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