My Spotlight on Photoshop

I was recently interviewed by Adobe® Photoshop® for theirSpotlight series.  As most people familiar with digital photography know, images are post-processed in one format or another, and my preference is Adobe Photoshop. 

As an artist who started my love affair with photography back in the 1980s (I refuse to give the year…but I will say I was a wee lass.), I cut my teeth on a manual 35mm Pentax K1000 (with black and white film that I developed and printed myself). Later, when studying at the University of Arizona, I compounded my knowledge with graphic art and after graduating, eventually digital art.  I suppose this is how Adobe found me.

While the interview gives a condensed history of my professional development, what I was most thrilled with was to be highlighted by an organization that I find irreplaceable in my specialized field and workflow. Photoshop is a program that allows me to negotiate with the circumstances of a photo shoot, after the job has wrapped.  In the case of my terra cibus work, Photoshop lets me render my imagination about food and texture in a two dimensional way that the naked eye would never see.

(c) Caren Alpert Photography

Caren Alpert Photography

If you want to learn a little more behind the scenes about me and my art, visit the interview link:  I’m sitting in very good company, I must say – and there’s loads to learn from the other photographers profiled there!