As American As…Hotdogs!

What is more “American” than apple pie and baseball?  As my hometown San Francisco Giants enter theMLB season as the reigning world series champions, it seemed apropos for this month’s infographic to be on…baseball and hotdogs! :)


Thanks to the ingenious folks at Coupon Cabin (, I now know that there is not only a National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, but there is even “hot dog etiquette”.

I was also very pleased to learn that my birth state’s Yankees have the least expensive hot dog, coming in at a mere $3.00 a dog.  Maybe not so gratified to learn they are also the most calories, as well…but hey you can’t have it all!

And finally, who knew that it was taboo to use ketchup on a hot dog after one reaches their majority?  I’ll have to keep that in mind at my next food shoot…mustard and onions only please.

This doggie infographic was devised by, and designed by Cabin Five Media.