Infographic: Eating and Drinking on the Go

For this month’s infographic post, I came across this one on eating and drinking while on the go.  As a food photographer with ties in the private labeling and consumer packaging goods field, this infographic caught my eye.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.36.22 AM

The English researching group GFK has put together this infographic that explores the trends in the growing market of eating on the go.  For me, eating on the go is a way to manage a busy life.  And as evidenced in the infographic, I am not alone as this trend is expected to increase next year.  Our consumer needs are complex however, as busy people try to balance convenience with quality and variety. 

Near my San Francisco flat in Union Square, the new Walgreen’s store has taken on this challenge, and has created a new rebranding on their current paradigm of health and wellness.  They created an on-the-go product line within their new private label, Nice!   They have taken the consumer data and balanced the price point (30% lower than national brands) with high quality and convenient food.  As others start utilizing this data in their business plans, like Starbucks, I am sure we will begin to see more companies offering mobile food for busy individuals.

You can read more about the research gathered here: