A Wonderful Night at the Zero1.org Biennial Art Show

Last week I had the priviledge of attending the opening of the Zero1.org Biennial Art Show. It is now in full swing through December 8th, in the greater Bay Area, though much of it is in San Jose.

In their new home base, a space simply referred to as “The Garage”, they presented numerous international artists doing amazing work where technology and art intersect, which is something I've long been interested in.

My favorite piece was called Aromapoetry by artist Eduardo Kac, which is a book of smells using nanotechnology to coat each page with a fragrance.  What I loved most about this piece is that I used a sense that I typically don’t use in looking at artwork.  The names of each page (i.e., smell) was really quite accurate.  Eduardo has shown this project all over the globe.


Aromapoetry by Eduardo Kac

A close second for my favorite piece was Pe Lang’sFalling Objects.  This wonderful piece is a moving installation mounted on the wall using 128 motors, 3,000 rings and silicon wire.  The motors at the end of each wire help propel the rings through each other (yes – passing through one another) or even bouncing off each other.  A very active piece which is quite hypnotizing to watch!

Falling Pieces

Falling Pieces by Pe Lang

There are plenty of other great pieces to see at different venues around town.  And, there are loads of additional programming like tours, lectures, talks, etc…

Interestingly, there were many pieces in the show, curated by an international panel, that appeared to be “commissioned” by Zero1.  So, in addition to showcasing works through a curatorial process, they also have the opportunity to create their own new content.

If you have time, it’s definitely worth the trip to the South Bay.


All photos © the artist.