Robot Invented Food


IBM's robot Watson is the author of a newly released cookbook, Cognitive Cooking With Chef Watson.

IBM engineer Steve Abrams, is the brain behind Chef Watson, and part of a team of real, human chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education.

Chef Watson wasn’t created to reimagine existing food combinations -- it was developed to think of things they never could have come up with, like the Australian Chocolate Burrito. It contains expected items like ground beef, tortilla, and cheese. It also contains chocolate, apricot purée, edamame and cinnamon. Hmmm…

The recipes that made the final cut had to pass three criteria: Surprise, Synergy and Pleasantness.

But how did a computer come up with ideas that could be edible? Initially Watson scanned a collection of online recipes to understand which flavor combinations cropped up frequently. Then it narrowed its focus to the level of cuisine, using the recipes to learn which flavor combinations made something Chinese or Italian or Tex-Mex. Finally, it zeroed in on individual dishes.

Whether or not a computer or robot can take over haut cuisine will be up to individual eaters and their willingness in expanding their palate.

You can read more about Watson and his new cookbook here: