How to Speak Designer

Increase the kerning.” “Create an opaque gradient.” “Is the website responsive?” This may sound like Greek, but these are actually useful terms to understand in the graphic world. Pagemodo has created an infographic to help translate designer jargon to the novice.

For instance, we all use PDFs, but do we know what makes them easy to use? Or, the difference between it and a PNG file (Portable Network Graphic). It’s great for use on the web because it retains much of its data.

Two other good terms to know are RGB and CMYK. Undoubtedly, these are familiar to those who are photoshop savvy , and which as photographers, we use a lot……especially when our images are going to print.

Something I use quite often is web colors. A web color is a 6 digit hexadecimal color code to identify specific digital colors. For instance, the pink in my logo is color code # f7adce.

You can click on this image for more interesting terms, such as UI, white space and bleed.