Food Crystal Ball

Who wouldn’t want to know the future?  Well, MSLGROUP’s Food and Beverage marketing team crunched the data and looked into the ether to foretell 2015’s new trends in edibles! 

For example, the Scoville Scale becomes increasingly popular as peppers are added to  more recipes,  even candy!  Ghost pepper…haven’t heard of it?  You will in 2015!

Or, perhaps you’ve heard about the success and popularity Starz’s Outlander TV series has brought to the historic drink Mead.  The newest craft beverage craze will be a throw back to the ancient mix of fermented honey and water.

And, one of the trends predicted is the continued upward trajectory of 3D printing in food!  I’ve been watching the popularity of this Jetsons-like machine and even wrote about it in July.  Can’t wait to see where this will go…will we end up with instantly created food in all our homes? 

You can read about more trends below: