The Giants’ Garden

Here in San Francisco, the real estate is some of the most expensive in the country.  The SF Giants’ Major League Baseball team plays out of the AT&T Park, which takes up a nice chunk of downtown San Francisco, sitting on the bay with a view that goes on for miles.


So unless you lived here to understand the food culture, it would seem to be surprising that the stadium would allocate some of that high profile square footage to grow a food garden.  But that’s exactly what it did.

Garden plans

Partnering with Bon Appétit Management Company, they created a 4,320 square-foot space located behind the centerfield wall, just under the scoreboard.  In it, they will grow fruits, vegetables, greens and flowers that will be harvested year round. Peet's Coffee & Tea, already located at AT&T Park, will also partner in the endeavor by providing coffee grounds to continually fertilize the planter beds.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.28.16 AM

Not only will The Garden provide fresh produce for the patrons of the Park, but it will also serve as a community outreach program and will be used to teach culinary and nutritional classes for children in the community, which is a piece I really applaud them for.

You can read more about this new sustainable program here.  Take me out to the ballpark (and garden)!