A Restaurant Like None Other

Partstown has culled the craziest dining experiences in the world, and put together this infographic for the daring globetrotter.

For instance, if vertigo doesn’t bother you, head on over to the Arab Emirates to partake of haut cuisine at a mere 1350 feet up.  Purportedly, it feels as if you are floating in the clouds as you dine looking out massive windows!

Perhaps the ground is better for you?  How about dining in a high-end Finnish restaurant made entirely of ice!  At an average temperature below freezing (23 degrees Fahrenheit), you will need to cuddle close to your dining partner to keep warm!

Some people love to swim with the fishes, so this Maldives restaurant might be just for you!  This contemporary European restaurant is located 16 feet  below sea level near Rangali Island.  Or alternately, you could eat a high-end dinner in a cave in Apulia, Italy.  Either way, hope you aren’t claustrophobic!

Let me know if you are daring enough to try one of these unique dining experiences!  Maybe one day I’ll get to shoot one of these restaurants…well, maybe not the one in the ice – my camera would freeze up on me!