Behind-the-Scenes at The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home Photoshoot

Not too long ago, Ishot a cookbook for Jewish deli devotees and DIY foodies called The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home by Nick Zukin and Michael Zusman.  It is a collection of more than 100 recipes, photographs, historical tidbits, and reference materials.

Food stylist extraordinaire Heidi Gintner (pictured) helped with this shoot, and her attention to detail was a tremendous boon to this cookbook.  That’s her enjoying a scrumptious home-made bagel.  In fact, to make sure we were using the freshest, the author packed the bagels he made from Portland and flew them down to the Northern California photo shoot.  Carol Hacker of TableProp also came on board to help with table design.

While I’ve only included some behind-the-scene photos of the bagels, there were also tons of other yummy foods from hamburgers to breads, soups to fish dishes.

You can check out the book or purchase it (hint hint) here. You can also follow Nick Zukin on Twitter at @extramsg, and Michael Zusman at @mczlaw.

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Heidi Gitner
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