Cindy’s Waterfront Restaurant at Monterey Bay Aquarium


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This week is the soft opening of the new Cindy’s Waterfront Restaurant at Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The culinary partner in this restaurant is Cindy Pawlcyn,  who is a pioneer in sustainable gastronomy and author of numerous cookbooks.

I know readers enjoy behind-the-scene photos from time to time, so thought I would share some on a blog post.  If you haven’t checked out my Facebook page, you can view it here, which also has some other behind-the-scene photos.

The photo shoot for Cindy’s Waterfront restaurant was actually a two-part shoot, with the first food shots taking place at Cindy’s much beloved Napa Valley restaurant Cindy Pawlcyn's Wood Grill & Wine Bar, while the kitchen at the aquarium was completing it’s final construction phase.  The second part of the shoot occurred the next week and was fun because I got a sneak peek at the restaurant before it opened.

I was fortunate to be able to tap into the talent of food stylist extraordinaire Pouké, and her artistry brought out the beauty in the dishes Cindy prepared.  I always love working with Pouké because she has a great eye for detail, as seen in the images below.  Here she is in the process of getting that perfect gloss on the melted cheese for the final hamburger/french fries image.  Here’s some quick and dirty grab shots of her hard at work!


Copyright Caren Alpert Photography


Behind the scenes-Caren Alpert

Photo 1

Behind the scene-Pouke

Photo 2

Behind the scenes

Photo 3

Behind the scene shot

Photo 5

Behind the scenes