Another Sandy Casualty...

Being just days away from my own opening in NYC (which has been delayed for the time being), the stories of destruction are so hard to read... While many lost their lives, and the entire nation is saddened and watches the herculean clean-up task, here's another angle many may not have thought about. The loss to the art world.

Many gallery owners in Chelsea, NY, lost incredible works during the flooding stage of the storm. The images of entire canvasses floating on top of a dozen feet of flooded basements can only be described as heartbreaking to the artists and gallery owners. In fact, some gallery owners were too distressed to even make a comment about the loss.


Klemens Gasser Tanja Grunert, 19th Street, with paintings by Joa Baldinger floating.; The foyer at Andrew Kreps Gallery, seen from the street.; by Brian Boucher

And yet--even when crippled with substantial loss, the sense of community and the desire to help one another in this trying time has been inspiring.

My dear friend Stephanie Diamond, who operates the community fine art project called "Listings Project" (you may have seen featured in The New York Times or Time Out New York), is doing a grand gesture by furthering her mission to include helping those affected by the storm.  If you need a place to stay, or have extra space to offer, please consider posting on her site:

Be well and stay safe.